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    A company contacted me a few weeks ago with regards to buying the forum. They offered me a nice little bit of money but they wanted to use it to make money with advertising. They would have probably changed it too much and I would have regretted it To be honest I couldn't do it. If anyone else is reading this and is interested in purchasing the forum then please don't try to tempt me as the forum belongs to its members and is NOT for sale. Unless it's a six figure sum
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    Vintage Certina 5101, mid-1960s, calibre 25-36, signed crown, stainless steel case:
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    Last day of my BHI course today, and found this shop display yesterday. Opportunity taken.
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    9ct Longines Flagship, calibre 340, from 1962.
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    Morning today I'll be wearing this. Have a gooden
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    In Bangkok for a few days and need to dress up a bit today as meeting the other half's family for lunch, so on with the silver speedy. Can't help but notice that when taking pics, the images that show the hands as blue appear less sharp than when black is shown. Or even when I manage half and half!
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    2nd World War, Air Ministry issue, Omega calibre 30T2SC.
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    Siko for starters HAGWE watch lovers
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    Good Morning 'watch' lovers Ocean One Bronze......
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    All arrived today. First my ever day watch. Then my watch for the gym/gardening etc Then my new solar
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    MQ Today. Lazy old pic.
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    Full size SMP automatic this morning
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    Have a great weekends watch lovers, Tag Heuer Ani/Digi/Diver/Dual Chrono
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    This Omega "pie pan" Constellation today.
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    Hurray Friday ... have a good one all this one for now citizen ny2300 4th AUG 2017 by sulie preece, on Flickr Cheers Sulie
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    The weekend is nearly here... HAGW all
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    It had been my intention to purchase a single vintage Rolex for my 60th. But I really though the funds would not be there. So I bought a 57 Longines . But I still had some cash left so when a 56 Longines came along I grabbed that one too. A nice 60's Omega Seamaster made itself known to me and well that's close to 57 so I nabbed that as well. However unbeknownst to me my mother sent along a 57ish Seamaster that had belonged to my Dad. (That stories been told already). All in all I still had a few bob left over and a Cortebert from the right era and graced with a lovely patina also found its way into the birthday haul. I could have probably found a Rolex with a little bit more cash added.... So I guess that will have to be my Christmas purchase now. Not a bad haul considering a little cash also came my way from my lovely mother so a new brand was added (I will admit drunkenly on Sat night via Ebay) but won't arrive for a few days yet
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    Not wore this mk1 for a few a weeks
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    It's got to be this one again today. Third day in a row and enjoying the lovely weather... J
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    some great watches today guys My recent arrival - 1968 De Ville in rolled gold
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    Dam up early 5.30 am to se off out to a show and thought I would be the first on a Sunday watch thread, don't you guys sleep ?? anyway out for the day in my Sunday best deano
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    1964 Citizen AutoDater 7 'Jet Ring Rotor' Cal: 4101. 25 jewel.
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    I have been a lucky boy this morning and thanks to @Roy I managed to get this lovely Glycine Combat Sub from the classifieds. It fits beautifully on my wrist, at 42mm it is only 10mm thick and the lugs curve down to contour the wrist really snuggly. Feels ever so comfortable. Dates from 2011 and has an ETA 2824-2 on the inside. Here are some pics, I hope you like it too:
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    Full size SMP automatic, (picture taken yesterday)
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    This c1972 Enicar 340 Love the risen gold Saturn logo
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    Bond-style today HAGWE J
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    Frederique Constant today
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    Capitalism responds: Omega Seamaster 300, cal.552 24 jewels. 1966. Later, William
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    Well...haven't been able to go to Brighton for a mooch round the 'Laines' as the feet are playing up again. So it's on with the Spork and feet up today.....
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    A while ago I put up a post in the vintage section of this forum regarding the Omega Chronostop and that the fact I REALLY wanted one! A bit later @Padders got in contact with me and said that he had one and that he wanted to move it on! I obviously jumped at this and bought it of Dave! I would just like to say thankyou very much @Padders for being a patient seller and you provided all the necessary information quickly and was very informative about the watch! And to anyone else who in the future who purchases something of @Padders ,he is a great guy and I cant thank him enough for offering me his chronostop! Obviously, here is the little stunner on my wrist.....
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    Happy Friday all and Happy Anniversary to me and the Mrs 16 years !! seiko sk007 11th aug 2017 a by sulie preece, on Flickr
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    Very pleased with this one and something I've looked at in shop windows many a time. Anyway as I was saying in another thread I wasn't really looking for a new watch but this came along at a great price and as everyone needs a holiday watch I convinced myself this would be perfect With two screw down crowns, domed sapphire and an internal bezel it's gonna be perfect for the beach and keep any sand out (nothing worse than a crunchy bezel). At 300m I'll also be fine for any snorkelling or a bit of scuba diving or jet skiing.... I reckon it suits a few strap styles too so for me, that's all boxes ticked! Think I like the Perlon best but have another leather one coming too
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    I'm starting the day with this before it gets re-boxed and posted off to Breitling UK for authenticity confirmation, valuation etc. I'm going to miss it... J
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    Black diver on black rubber today ;) with bronze bezel touch LoL....
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    constellation hummer for me..
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    Seeing as I mentioned it yesterday, the GMT today...
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