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    Vintage Mariner this morning! [emoji3]
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    Finally allowed to wear it now I am the big 5-0 .... And its lush... After a dealer up North "lost" my Speedy that was lined up , its karma ,,,, because I am sooooooo glad I went for this instead..... Thanks to Forum members who gave me positive advice over this watch purchase
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    As many of you already know, and as several have kindly advised me on, a new purchase was made a few days ago to treat myself (birthday + work promotion). It turned out to be a real supprise to me. I had had my eye in a Tudor Black Bay 36, as well as a few others of similar type, but my final budget was happily increased which gave me more scope and more of a headache choosing! Anyway, many trips to various dealers, trying on many beautiful pieces and much pondering ended up with this being picked up on Saturday Rolex Explorer 114270, made 1998, 36mm It has been well used, and does have a few marks on the case, but the dial and crystal are pretty much perfect. Actually, the odd mark means character in my eyes and the fact that I can continue to enjoy it as someone else has in the past Timekeeping seems reasonable - when worn in the wrist it tends to lose about 4-6sec a day, but gains most of that back over night. At least, that is the pattern so far; I am keeping a close eye on that as we do not believe a service has been carried out in he last few years. It is not the COSC (I don't think?) but it will be ok for me if it keeps that steady pattern. It came with box and, although there was no original sales paperwork, there was a certificate of originality/insurance valuation provided by a local jeweller which I have since verified. I plan to get my local one to back this up and see if they deem a service to be needed when I pop in to town this coming weekend. Considering the final deal I managed to snap it up for there is a bit left over in the kitty for a bit of TLC and refurbishment... Of course, the obligatory wrist shot. The bracelet is ok, but it will be going on a nice, vintage mahogany tan leather strap in due course I think... It will be getting a good wear this week, expect many pics :-) J
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    I'll carry on with the vintage Omega this morning
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    Waited a couple of weeks for this but we'll worth the wait
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    old pic but this today..
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    Vintage Connie today [emoji3]
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    Picked this up today from auction to add to the Omega collection, this now being my earliest example Its a 9ct Denison case and a 26.5sob t2 calibre movement dating to 1934
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    This today................
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    @martinzx has the advantage of being an hour ahead of us. I'm up normal working day time, but taking a day off to go to a steam rally. Wearing my newly arrived Bulova. Tried one on in Fraser Hart last Sunday and liked it more than I thought I would. But not at the £489 they were asking for it !!!!!!!!! Got it for a tad (actually a very BIG tad) less from Evilbay.
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    Morning all Best go humble today amongst exalted cpmpany........ 1960's Avia Cal: Peseux 320, 15 jewel.
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    Okay. I will confess I had a few others. Some very nice ones too. But I like blue dials, and my favourite blue dialed Omega sold recently. I also sold my AP chrono, which I discovered was too busy and a tad large for me to really bond with. This left some cash in the bank. And when this became available I was powerless to resist. I have loved this model since trying one on in Geneva. Sadly the blue dial is now only available in Platinum with an auto movement, and that has a £40k price tag, which I could never justify. Very unusually this Golden Ellipse has lugs, meaning it wears a little larger than the dimensions suggest. The seller told me about the extract from the archives, from 1974, which swung it for me. What they didn't show or tell was the Patek strap, or the service at PP in 2014 that cost £1,100 (for a time only watch! Imagine what a chrono would cost!). I don't mind those surprises the seller failed to mention. There were no nasty surprises. Inside, behind the white gold caseback, is the PP 23-300 18 jewel movement that is finished to a standard you would expect. Now I understand this is not everyone's dream watch. No lume. No waterproofing. No second hand. No battery ( DaveyP). The case is an unusual shape, and some people will just think it is too small and too expensive. But none of that matters, as I am happy and it doesn't stop my kids eating. The case design was launched in 1968 and is based on the mathematical principle of the Golden Ratio. if you don't understand this, join the rest of us! But it works. And today I bought another busy, large chronograph that I probably like the look of but won't bond with. Will this madness ever end?
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    c1958 Le Cheminant Chronograph with cool 3 minute telephone lines
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    Been wearing this all week, it's troubling me date windows flick over and unless you really NEED to check the date they hardly get a glance, but with date pointer as the pointer gradually swings round the dial it's so obvious how quickly days pass and being grim, ones own mortality.
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    A rare outing for the speedie. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Just got home from work and have unwrapped the parcel that was delivered to me this morning. Opened it up and out popped an Omega Seamaster 300m mid size. It fits perfectly straight away and I'm very happy with it. It came with some NATO straps, which I'll try swapping over later. Thanks to@JimboJames1972 for making me a very happy puppy. [emoji5] Here's some photos of it. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Speedy today on a new Hirsch Merino in chocolate brown. Really soft and much lighter than the bracelet... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This yesterday and today. Not sure what happened, but the bracelet has felt a bit tight recently, might be a little swelling caused by heavy monsoon rain over the last few weeks? Anyway, the sun is out again now and so is this (old pic though)!
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    24th wedding anniversary today, so asking Sheila to bring the GMT when she comes to visit later...
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    My choice for today Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
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    Speedy back on bracelet for the summer...
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    New in this week SMP. I can see why people like these. So comfortable.
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    The weekend is nearly here, have a good'un all
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    Is it my imagination, or does the Japanese temple monkey have a hint of a smug smile on his little face today?
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    Still the CW Trident for me. Different pic though, now 18 months old, sadly.
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    This one for me this morning
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    Sub this morning but may change later.
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    My starter for the morning and a dog walk Ill either swap the strap again, or go for something dressier for a meal out tonight, J
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    That is one of my favourite looking watches (though you might have guessed that already) @martinzx this for a bit which will change if I have to work later HAWGE
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    Steinhart Titanium Chrono today with bronze bezel, with a custom strap made in Turkey being soft like chewing gum LoL
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    Give this a whirl today as the heir hunters are treating Mom & Dad to lunch (local garden centre). Old pic'
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    New in Nomos Club (a sports watch????) The dressiest sports watch I've ever worn
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    Good morning watch lovers! Vintage Seiko Sea horse for starters
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    Today, I shall be mostly wearing the GMT....
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    Off to a national award presentation with a couple of my students today, I need something appropriate in the wrist This will probably do ;-) J
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    It's this Omega Constellation calibre 551 today.
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    One for the 70`s Jet-set... ROAMER STINGRAY JT (Jet Time), Model No.734-9120.901, Valjoux 7734 17 Jewels, circa 1970.
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