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    Well, after many many months of saving up hard it finally arrived.... and to say I'm chuffed is an understatement. I had two or three options on the list and this one came along at the right price a few days ago. I must admit, the quality punches well above the price tag and the screw in bracelet pins are a dream to work with As soon as I opened the beautifully leather lined box I started to grin!
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    A third generation Omega from 1949 for starters
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    Morning everyone. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    speedy moon just now....................
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    This one today...
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    I've managed to fill my divers watch box, need to start a new one
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    Explorer again, just love the brightness
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    Hope you all have a canny Sunday. I might wear this all week
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    Ok, I'll stop teasing. 16800 with matte dial and "ghost" bezel from around 1981/1982
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    This is my - - Wait for it - - My ten thousandth posting on TWF! Now it's common to propose some kind of contest/giveaway/pay-it-forward thingy on this type of momentous occasion, but we are off on holliers at the weekend for five weeks or so, SO, I'll think it through ('cos I only just realised it was the 10k post) while I'm away, and devise a suitable wee competition with some kind of prize to take place upon my return. That'll give me time to find out if the Post Office considers deep fried Mars Bars suitable for transport thru the mail - - WATCH THIS SPACE as they say
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    Oris Big Crown pending breakfast.
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    Like Mel I am just over ten K posts. It was worth most of the abuse I can't work out what prize to put up, although I have an idea ( an unworn Rotary Pilot Style Watch, or a Burei ) and am stumped about what form the competition should take. A quiz has been done and anyway the thick should have an equal chance. Alongside this competition Alan gets his Stop Watch........time I put the watch where my mouth is I will give the matter weighty consideration and get it organised Cheers
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    I think it's an SMP day, today.
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    Starting off with some 70`s blues... ROAMER STINGRAY JT (Jet Time), Model no.734-9120.901, Valjoux 7734, 17 Jewels, circa 1970. ROTARY, A.Schild cal.2063, 21 Jewels, circa 1970s.
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    'Harwood' World's first automatic wristwatch. Cal: Schild/Blancpain bumper, 2 adj, 15 jewel. Silver, hallmarked Glasgow 1928.
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    Last day of work then a couple of days relaxation before back to the grind
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    CW Trident with nice logo for me today! Old pic though. Have a great Sunday everyone. Hope the music wakes you up!!
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    The plan is to have some grub on the beach later, so I stuck this on today.
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    Off work again today due to another gout attack.
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    I am on a Nato push at the moment and could be like this for the foreseeable future.
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    Weekends are for retro/vintage for me. I've also just got a couple of new ColaReb leather straps that need breaking in. It's a tough job, but someone has got to do it :-) Starting with this again; retro looks, more modern mechanics... J
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    I just noticed I have hit ten K likes I would like to thank all of you who indiscriminately hit the like button.....it is the only explanation For once I can't be to blame. .... you all are Muchos gracias.
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    Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Open T Power Reserve Reference 03.0240.4021
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    Just received my wonderful prize from @bridgeman, and not only was there the watch, but also a spare strap thrown in as an extra bonus. You sir are a true gent and I salute you.Thank you for your generosity. I have only been a member here on this site since December, but I have to say it is a wonderful place to spend time, it has restored my faith in humanity,that there are still good honest people in this world. I have been made to feel welcome, and no question has went unanswered (no matter how silly). There has been no sign of watch snobbery (which I have encountered on other watch sites) and all watches are viewed and accepted without any bias or judgement given to the owner. You all deserve a big pat on the back for being open and welcoming to everyone, well done TWF. Finally, thank you to @Roy for setting up and running TWF. You Sir must be proud of what this has become, a friendly,welcoming place where like minded people can spend time, share knowledge and even have a laugh. Keep up the good work.
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    The usualMJC_3277 by mcridland, on FlickrMark
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    Getting buried again. Can hardly see across the street. Marcello Tridente with a snowy theme.
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    MJC_3277 by mcridland, on Flickr Mark
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    HAGWE! Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    Got to be this one again today while I check accuracy.
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    This one today: Fortis Marinemaster 2016-10-21_07-27-10 by mcridland, on Flickr Mark
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    1 dirty watch, 11 to go 1945 Record Dirty Dozen military watch with MOD dial.
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    i am a sucker for a white dial, in fact can I have too many ??? deano
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    This Girard-Perregaux today Annoyingly I can not find out when it was made. The movement is a replacement and many searches on the interweb bring up very little or nothing
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    just final testing this one for it's new owner
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    This Rolex Oyster Imperial from, I believe, the late 1930s.
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    SMP Ti. Omega Caliber 1120. Ref. 2232.80.00
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    Seiko Sumo with Double Dome AR Flame mirror sapphire crystal.
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    Hopefully I should have some arrive today. But this for now c1964 Josmar Sport. The chrono pushers start and stop the movement- on purpose. Utterly useless complication! No reset to 60 either, but pretty enough to forgive these sins
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    One of Roy's best today.....