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    A 1980's heuer for me today
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    Glycine today. HAGWE TWF
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    Well lets start by famously miss quoting a sage on here " when it comes to Rolex Gs haters will always be haters no matter how good they actually are " so my purchase story is, with the lack of affordable watches to purchase of a well known brand , their ever rising price and their other actions means the likes of scruffy urchins like me are being priced & cut out of their market share , which I do believe that's what they want!( in order to move their watches up market) , however its not like i don't have any Swiss watches in the collection, so time for a watch anyone can buy no waiting lists and with equal quality! IMO. I did have a Gs quartz which was beautiful, but on my wrists always looked too small @ 37mm ( for me size is a personal perception )but to me it was too small so sold it on (at a loss as usual ), and I promised myself I would get another but a 40 +mm its amazing what 3 mm makes! ,and here it is all the way from the land of the rising sun.( been tracking it all bank holiday with a twitchy bum!!) its not a snow flake , but is JDM & I do like the weight of steel( besides could not afford a new snowflake ), i was going to buy a pre owned one , but it did not come with box and papers and turned out to be 4 years old !and I had concerns re how close to a service it was & added costs , so I have bought new ( I am not a serial flipper, so no immediate hit to be taken plus it was not much more than the pre owned one!)and I get full box papers etc,it also it comes with the new branding now I know from a recent thread not everybody likes Gs and this new image/ branding , but I do and its my watch , all steel ,40.5 mm, dial- white / silvery shimmer in some lights, quartz / spring drive- 9R65, Dual curve sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating, all brushed bracelet with case polishing , but also one of the few Gs with lumen which is another thing that drew me in. the internet pictures and my crappy phone ( which did have me concerned with some drawings) don't do it justice . its every bit as good as my DJ when its next to it, it is beautiful!. very happy bunny ( again no more spend for a few months now though again ! ) deano
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    Titanium Omega 2231.80 for the sunshine today...
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    It's the Spork for me today...
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    A little something I picked up yesterday circa 1961 VC with the thin K1001 calibre (not the ultrathin 1003 - that didn't have a seconds hand and was only 1.64mm thick. It was the thinnest mechanical movement for 60 years!)
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    Seamaster Aqua Terra, calibre 8500 today:
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    Omega SMP. Ref. 2232.80.00 Omega Caliber 1120
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    I couldn't resist this little Longines Avigation. Just 38mm across and 8mm thick, wears sooooo well:
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    High days and holidays . . . . . .
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    Good Morning all Ocean One Bronze. Cal: 2824-2 elabore, 25 jewel.
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    Fancy something a bit chunkier today, so I'll break out the 'Spork'.
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    Zenith El primero Rainbow Flyback this morning.
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    Blue Seiko 'Sea Urchin' for when I get home tonight.
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    500m Divex this morning Happy Holidays
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    As it's a Full 'Blue' Moon today... C9 Moonphase. Cal: JJ04 (modified ETA 2836-2)
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    Seamaster Aqua Terra today:
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    9ct Jaeger LeCoultre from 1967 today.
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    Today I ‘ve got my Fortis automatic on. Cal. ETA 2836-2 , 25 jewels: HAGWE:
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    9ct Longines Flagship, calibre 340, from 1962.
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    Chrono Avenger today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Superocean for me today
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    It's raining here today - all day so far (13.00 here) - the first rain in about 2 months!! Great, my garden lawn needs it desperately. So Seiko for me as well again, as it's been on the wrist for a few days now.
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    Seeing as it's a blue moon today (the second this year, the first was on Jan 31st, and the last until 2020), I shall wear the Omega 2231.80 with blue dial. A 'blue' moon occurs when there are two full moons in a single calendar month.
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    Not sure why I like this so much? I should have listed it on my site ages ago, but it just needs another test...
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    More colour for the Thai New Year! From red to blue with the U2!
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    Oris today,HAGWEE..
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    Still grey sky here, so grey mood watch today
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    Rugged (but not “beater rugged”) today . . . .
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    This 9ct Baume from 1951 today.
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    Morning all C900 WORLDTIMER. Cal: JJ03 (modified 2836-2).
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    old pic but bullhead today ,HAGWEE..
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    Another yellow one today...Seiko 7T32-7F70.
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    Working from home today and a nice sunny spring day too. Zenith el Primero cal 400 today.
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    Omega Aqua Terra today:
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    About to drop the tent in the rain :-)
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    Seiko 'Alpinist' SARB017. Cal: 6R15, 23 jewel. Plus a choccy egg...
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    Zenith El Primero rainbow flyback chronograph today.
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    Sekonda Strela, back from the menders yesterday after a full service and with previously sticky chronograph minute hand now working perfectly
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    This resulted from curiosity of a "brand" Nautec No Limit I had no experience of and was on a super special offer on Amazon France at 20€ plus 3€ delivery. Very solid and heavy but sits well on the wrist due to a thick leather strap. Screw in crown and 6 screws holding the back on mirrored on the front. Delivery issues delayed its arrival but it is here now and I love it.
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