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    My youngest was 9 today and last week he found his big sisters (13 yo) royal blue Casio F-108 Casio in his school bag (she'd put it in there when they were on their way home apparently). Anyway, he found it on his way to school the following day, so obviously he decided he would wear it for the day to 'try it out'! The verdict was that he liked it and that he'd quite like one "the same but different", which is him all over to be fair! Wants the same as his sister (who he idolises btw) but different cos obviously he doesn't want to be copying a girl!! So yesterday I let him wear my £8 F-91 which I wear for running for the day to see if he liked it. He thought it was "pretty good" and decided he would quite like one. What he didn't know was that I'd been out yesterday and picked up a W-86 as part of his birthday present. He loves my g-shocks which the whole screen lights up on, so I thought the W-86 illuminator was just the ticket. Well, he has spent the whole day today showing and telling absolutely anybody and EVERYBODY who would listen all about his amazing new watch "which lights up and has an alarm and stopwatch and is like my dad's only better, and did I tell you it lights up?!" over and over It was so lovely to see how much joy that little plastic watch has given him! He's soooo proud of it!! I think it might just be the best £17 I've EVER spent on a watch!
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    Thought I would put together a summary of descriptive terms, images, used in watchmaking. It may give a better understanding to members that don't fully understand their meaning. Also, why these skillful applications often come at a premium. Engraving. Forming patterns, designs by hand... Cotes or Vagues de Geneve. Decoration of undulating lines, like waves... Geneva Stripes or Bars. Decoration to resemble stripes... Perlage or Perlee. Applying circular patterns originally by rubbing pegwood with emery paste onto a surface, hand operated machines are now used to execute this intricate task... Anglage. Chamfering or bevelling of plates or components. This requires the most dexterous craftsmanship. Colimacon. Snailing or spiraling, a decorative finish that takes the form of circular lines originating from a common centre... Black Polising or Poli Noir. Also called mirror polish. This is an arduous process, whereby the steel components are polished on a zinc plate/block using diamond paste of varying grades. This is the highest level of polishing available with no visible markings, even when examined under high magnification. The surface depending on what angle it is viewed upon, it either appears black or reflects an intense amount of light. Guilloche. Decorative technique in which a precise, intricate & repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved with a rose engine lathe... Here is a link to creating a guilloche pattern on a Rose machine/lathe... Shakudo. This an ancient Japanese art of decoration, a technique that alters the colour of copper/gold alloy from it's natural yellow/orange/bronze hue to subtle shades of black/grey. This is achieved by numerous immerions in a warm chemical bath, followed by various texturing processes, including engraving & damascening (inlaying different metal's into one another). I have been fortunate to witness these first hand during my visits to Le Brassus, along with an introduction to Christophe Bernardoht, head of 'Metiers d'art' studio & master engraver Marie-Laure Tarbouriech. That both kindly gave up their time to explain the processes involved in creating these stunning (IMO) timepieces. I was honoured & privileged in also being allowed to sit at their work station's (Throne's) Plating. This can take the form of nickel, copper/brass, rhodium (high corrosion resistance), gold (gilded). Gilded... Copper/Brass... Rhodium... I hope this will help members (particularly those that may be new to this obsession ) in appreciating why timepieces can sometimes warrant what appears to some....high values. Tempus Fugit.
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    Zenith El Primero dress chronograph from early 2000s this morning.
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    Two days, and +1s. Thumbs up. Shirt OK @RWP ?
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    18ct Omega, circa 1947, calibre 28.10.RA.SC.PC
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    The insomnia is kicking in again, it always does at this time of year and Big M's collection of waving cats are driving me mad. It won't be the first time I've taken all the batteries out of them but she has got wise to that and bought a solar powered one. Still Friday so short shift then out on the lash later that's if I don't get set on fire at work first !!!! Enjoy your weekend, we will
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    Morning all, going to be warm today
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    Alpina Startimer ending its rotation today in all likelihood:
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    PRS22 'Speedbird III'...
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    Spork for this evening...
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    ^^^^ Great start to the display boys. Love the Longines. This for me.
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    Inexpensive Seiko J Springs. ref. BBHT03
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    Vintage Citizen Crystron diver from 1977 today [emoji106]
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    Seiko for me too. Another find from yesterday 1967 Seikomatic
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    Good Morning all ( grey & wet here)
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    Morning all. Ready for the off.........foraging.
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    I posted a topic last week about how happy my son Thomas was with his new Casio digital watch which he'd had for his birthday and how he'd told absolutely EVERYONE he saw that day all about it! Anyway, our very own Davey P commented on the post and said he had something which he thought Thom might like and kindly said he'd send it to me free of charge. Well this arrived today, along with a note from Dave! I have to say I'm knocked out by Dave's generosity, and I think it's safe to say that Thomas is absolutely delighted with his new acquisition! I don't think he could quite believe somebody that he didn't even know had sent him a watch "just to be kind!". A MASSIVE thank you to Dave from both of us! It's this sort of kindness and generosity that makes this place a cut above any other forum! Dan
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    One for the Jet-set... ROAMER STINGRAY JT (Jet Time), Model No.734-9120.901, Valjoux 7734, 17 Jewels, circa 1970.
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    Quick change - picking up mother and off to an aunt’s 80th birthday party This will be just about fine ;-) J
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    Why have I waited so long to get one of these? Thanks to @PC-Magician
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    NOS Vintage Glashutte SPEZICHRON And a song from the same year
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    For some inexplicable reason I was drawn to this one today (sobriety I expect )...... & a song....
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    joined the gallery feature now ! (should save on lots of bad language !)
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    Seiko spork Saturday for me it's been a while but I finally got another one Ok
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    Glashutte Spezichron this morning [emoji106]
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    I like Friday, it is the first week-end day in Dubai (like the Saturday in the rest of the world). As nothing much to do due to the high hot temperatures: I was again passing this morning at the beach, then I will do the rest of the day like a lazy potato on the coach watching TV with my laptop on my legs, enjoying TheWatchForum reading Kalmar Monster today, with monster Maddog strap 7mm at the lugs side, and 5mm at the ends, I could not resist to swim with this beauty LoL ;) My watchmaker is an Artist
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    Good morning, keep dry if you can, have a great weekend all citizen ny2300 29th sept 2017 by sulie preece, on Flickr
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    Longines today.
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    This is stuck to my wrist for the time being. and, the very nice people at Steinhart replaced my damaged box super fast, so a big thank you to them.
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    Vintage Zenith, circa 1960, calibre 120 (18 Jewels, Incabloc, hack feature), signed crown. The same calibre was used in Zenith Pilot watches in the 1950s-1960s.
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    9ct Longines, calibre 30L, from 1964.
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    I’ll join you @Karrusel It will do for a starter... J
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    Enjoy your holiday Roger
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    Early changeover FC big date GMT, I do like it very much! [emoji106]
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    Have a good weekend TWF
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    Alpina Startimer on this autumnal day:
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