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    The Glycine Incursore California 3901 is easily my most worn and favoured watch. The best thing about it is the dial and AR coated crystal. The worse thing about it is the crystal is mineral and the most easily scratched one I have ever known. I have scratched it and polished the scratches out so many times I guess I weakened it because one morning a crack appeared and spread like a windscreen chip. I contacted Glycine who told me to send it to INVICTA in Holland. I contacted INVICTA for a quote and was told the replacement crystal would be Sapphire but it would not be AR coated. The price £190 + £48 Handling + £??? Labour + Shipping......OUCH So I set about sourcing a new crystal. Not easy because it is a custom size. I managed to remove the old one without it breaking in two and spent a good hour measuring everything. Found an Optics company in China with the correct size Sapphire crystal. I had my doubts as it was only $22 including shipping, but it arrived and I noticed immediately that it felt far denser and more substantial than the old mineral. The next thing to do was to try and get the crystal AR coated. I fired off several mails to UK companies and was delighted to get a call from the MD of a company here in the UK who said he could do it. The price was so reasonable that I sent it off immediately. While the crystal was away I realised that my Bergeon 5500 set did not contain the right sizes to do a proper job. With all my measurements I decided to make a jig that was precise to limit the risk of crushing the sapphire. I have had a 3D printer for a while, I bought it to try and prototype watch designs but I have used it increasingly to make tools and jigs to do other jobs. You get a little shrinkage with 3D printing so a gasket on the base was necessary to grip the case perfectly. I used the original gasket as it was bespoke, 0.5mm thick I-Ring. I have a plan of how to print these in Hytrel in the future but it was in good condition and two weeks out of the watch it had relaxed back to its original dimensions. So the crystal came back a week later and I was very impressed. The MD confirmed it was very high quality sapphire because he had measured the refraction? So I put the watch back together having taken some time to clean the case and case back, new gaskets and silicone and the watch is done. I am only able to pressure test to 3 Bar with my Bergeon kit....but it held and is good enough for me. This did not cost anywhere near the price quoted...nothing like it!
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    Old pic but will be giving this one a go later. Early 2000's (gold rotor) Oris Pointer Calendar.
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    7th Today, so 7 watches LoL... Straps are all alligator water-resistant straps. I think perfect for the summer period ;)
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    Well back in cold Scotland after our two weeks in Crete. We found a great family jewellery shop in Heraklion which Kate and I both had a good mooch around. They were agents for all the big named watches and jewellery. Mati, the owners wife, was a lovely women who couldn’t be more helpful. I went in to try on a Rolex explorer 1, (damn you Wrench) and got chatting, I was planning on buying a Seamaster in Black similar to johnnyoldboy’s, but when I tried it on there was no instant love! So Mati went and got us drinks while we had a look around, and Kate suggested I try on something completely different! I took her advice and fell I love with it. So here it is my surprise purchase, and it hasn’t been off since I bought it. not what I was convinced I was going to buy, but I suppose that’s watches for you!
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    A Jaeger LeCoultre 'bumper' automatic today.
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    Stowa Marine Auto with Silver dial, on Zuludiver two-piece strap.
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    Morning all 1974 CERTINA. Cal: 28-17, 17 jewel.
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    This Rolex Oyster Speedking Precision today.
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    Wearing the GMT until I leave for Bournemouth for the BH and our 25th wedding anniversary, but I won't be taking any watches away...I never do.
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    Omega Constellation, calibre 551 from 1963 today.
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    Got to be serious today, so a grown up watch.
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    Off out for Sunday dinner with family and thought I should dress to impress
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    This still for me. The monsoon season has officially started in Thailand, so seems a safe bet!
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    Just recieved this titanium beauty:
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    Today’s offering, MK2 Speedmaster from 1970
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    Out for lunch with the in-laws today, so best behaviour. This again! Still feeling the love.
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    Obris Morgan Explorer One this morning
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    Hope it's okay for me to start this thread? Looks a little arty-farty, but the pic is the result of lots of wine, telly on, and the early hours arriving in my caravan. Hoping everyone has a fab weekend! upload gif
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    This still, apart from travelling on Thursday, it's been the main choice for a while now (old pic).
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