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    Working on Good Friday, so it's a dress watch for me... Sent from my ONEPLUS A3010 using Tapatalk
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    One of my grail watches, but was always much too expensive. That was, until three weeks ago, when I saw this in the window of a wee jewellers just five minutes drive from home, and at an amazingly reasonable price, i will take some better pictures very soon, but in the meantime. . . .
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    The tax man cometh over here...
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    Been really busy with work lately. This is new in a couple of days ago and this is its first photo, not even had a chance for an incoming thread
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    Morning all... 1940's Peerex. Cal: Stauffer, Son & Co, 15 jewel. S/S case.
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    Going to a friend's bbq later.
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    Tag heuer Monaco today
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    Working in the garden with this one on today...
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    Will be this today I think.
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    Just getting the car packed…. Off to Whitby (Robin Hoods Bay) with my wife, two doggies and a quartz seiko (no kids!!!) Fish and Chips for tea!!!
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    Mid 1960's Citizen AutoDater 7 Automatic (Jet Ring Rotor). Cal:4101, 25 jewel. Quick set day/date. 40mm woc. My thanks to Stephen @Morris Minor for helping me date this timepiece, along with his excellent blog on 'Citizen Jet Rotor Automatics' Also to Chris @bridgeman for directing me to the link. I was fortunate to acquire one of these scarce examples as Citizen ceased production after a couple of years due to the high cost of production.
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    Giving the Shturmanskies a run this weekend.
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    Recovering from an amazing Seasick Steve gig in Newcastle last night.
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    There's a tiny speck inside the crystal of this Orient which is irritating me, but not enough to send it back to Singapore. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    No theme, completely freestyle today This 1972 Seiko seems to have a slight green tint to the dial that this photo completely fails to capture
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    This again, but swapped to a grey NATO
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    I don't wear bracelets. Except this one.
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    On with the Cartier roadster 2510 automatic
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    This fine pair for now... OMEGA Railmaster, CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels. OMEGA, Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels.
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    I make my dogs wear my watches when I am not home
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    Took 25 teenagers on a D of E practice session. Showed them how to find north with an analogue watch and the sun. This morning it's back to the GS
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    It's going to be this 9ct Longines from 1962, calibre 23Z, today.
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    In desperate need of caffeine today! Im leaving the Trident alone to test its power reserve today so the Marine 38 gets an outing... J
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    This for a change today:MilgaussMJC_3277 by mcridland, on FlickrMark
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    Going to start the day with my little Prince on a NATO... Might have to play with other straps later :-) J
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    I'm either really up early on Sunday or everyone else is having a lie in. Rolex sub K serial to start this bright sunny April day.
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    Constellation f300 this morning [emoji3]
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    Have a good weekend TWF
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    I have had to send my CW Trident back after it started behaving a bit odd. The repairs will take a while so I was keen to re-fill my watch box, even if it might only be temporary. So, a quick browse of sales and auction sites, a very, very cheeky "Make me an Offer" and this was delivered yesterday... And inside was another Trident 600 Pro Sorry for the glare off the dial, it is much more matt in real life! This is the 38mm version with ceramic bezel and (I believe) ETA2824-2 movement. I just love the colour of the bezel; it is a version that I very nearly pulled the trigger on last year, but could not justify its full price. They were in the sale a few months back and I think this is where the old owner got this one from. Still with all protective plastic on, never worn, just over sales price... I will try it on the bracelet after it has been resized, but it will probably end up on leather. I'm thinking of a distressed black, minimal stitching, Black Bay Red look..? I've set the time and date, given it a shake and it is ticking along well. My TimeGrapher puts it at +6sec a day, 0.1ms beat error and 283' amplitude. Happy days :-) J
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    Fliegeruhr this sunny BH morning.
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    Even this one will probably still go un-noticed at Easter dinner...
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    At last, it has arrived. You know when you endlessly flick through online sales and, all of a sudden, something just jumps out at you? That's what happened here. In fact, this find was through a link off another link from a non-specific search, so you might call it chance ;-) I loved the aesthetic, it's a good size for me, reputable brand and not a daft price. Oh, and a "Make an Offer" option.... So, I asked the right questions, got promising answers back and banged in a very, very cheeky bid. And won! Now, I will fess up, it is not a true Tudor Ranger; it is a Tudor Prince Oyster Date (Ref 74000) that has had a Ranger dial and hands fitted. Case marking indicate manufacture around 1988 we believe. I realise that many out there will demand that I get locked in the stocks for buying a "marriage" watch, but to me it is just perfect. Case is near mint, crystal is extremely good and, of course, dial and hands are pristine. New, Rolex branded strap and buckle... ...but that is far too flash and dressy for me right now (and kinda stiff too, needs breaking in). I'm experimenting with other options, but finding the 19mm lug width awkward - 20mm straps look to bulky and heavy, 18mm ones rattle about. Shopping time this week I think :-) Or Inside is a highly fettled 2824 movement, I've never seen one in the flesh that has had so much decoration done on it. Can you get display case backs for these? It is a travesty to lock this beauty up... And so far she is ticking away very, very nicely - TimeGrapher app indicates 1sec a day, 0.1ms beat error and 290' amplitude. The previous owner said it has only just been serviced (date on inside case back says 3/17) so I'm delighted with that. Actually, I'm delighted with the whole package :-) J
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    It's back to this 9ct 1962 Longines with cal 23Z movement today.
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    I'll start this one off today... Off out with the dog before trotting off for another doctors visit. Time to start breaking in the Bund :-) J
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    Went for the Mako in the end, I prefer the smaller numbers on the bezel and like the second crown. I know the new movement on the mk2 is supposed to be the bees knees, but I'd be a little dissapointed every time I looked at it... I already love this watch
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    Well, after 30 years in the NHS, on Saturday, I officially retire A little bird tells me this could be indicative of my situation next Saturday night when we have a family celebration : I will post my own pictures when intoxication/ hangover levels allow More to follow...
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    This one for me today...no sun but just off for a walk anyway. This is so comfy on the strap!
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    If this was any prettier we might be celebrating one weird wedding.