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Mr Levity Mr Levity 19/10/17 A pleasure to deal with many thanks andyclient andyclient
andyclient andyclient 19/10/17 Superb ! Exactly as described and quick delivery too. Thanks Andy. Mr Levity Mr Levity
PC-Magician PC-Magician 19/10/17 Jon is great to deal with. Watch was in superb condition and was posted to me very quickly. Hope to deal with you again! Stuart2103 Stuart2103
Bob Sheruncle Bob Sheruncle 16/10/17 great guy to deal with, many thanks marley marley
pauluspaolo pauluspaolo 08/10/17 Super easy deal from a brilliant fellow member. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
Tazmo61 Tazmo61 08/10/17 Easy deal. Top guy. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
Kutusov Kutusov 08/10/17 Lovely watch. Even nicer than described. Super guy. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
Jonesinamillion Jonesinamillion 08/10/17 My son loves this watch. Easy transaction. Very grateful. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
carlgulliver carlgulliver 08/10/17 Really nice guy to deal with and a beautiful watch to boot. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
JimboJames1972 JimboJames1972 08/10/17 Super fast deal and excellent result. Liking the watch a lot. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
Robden Robden 08/10/17 Very obliging chap. Lovely watch YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
DarthSmavid DarthSmavid 08/10/17 Great watch. Great guy YouCantHaveTooManyWatches YouCantHaveTooManyWatches
trackrat trackrat 07/10/17 Top man to deal with thank you for a pleasant deal. PC-Magician PC-Magician
badgersdad badgersdad 07/10/17 Gentleman to deal with and paid promptly thank you Sir. PC-Magician PC-Magician
DarthSmavid DarthSmavid 07/10/17 Easy transaction. No hassle. Thanks. badgersdad badgersdad
badgersdad badgersdad 07/10/17 Very easy to do business with. Very open and honest description of the watch and fast delivery. Many thanks DarthSmavid DarthSmavid
PC-Magician PC-Magician 06/10/17 Great watch, great guy to deal with. Cheers. badgersdad badgersdad
PC-Magician PC-Magician 06/10/17 Excellent seller, fast delivery and well packaged trackrat trackrat
ZenArcade ZenArcade 06/10/17 Excellent seller, well packaged and fast delivery trackrat trackrat
vadiro vadiro 04/10/17 Excellent buyer prompt payment and no issues. PC-Magician PC-Magician
PC-Magician PC-Magician 03/10/17 Watch exactly as described, great and smooth transaction. Thank you! vadiro vadiro
BobJ BobJ 03/10/17 Spot on buyer no messing about. PC-Magician PC-Magician
PC-Magician PC-Magician 03/10/17 Watch exactly as described, a breeze and a pleasure doing business with Jon. One happy punter!! BobJ BobJ
Biker Biker 03/10/17 No nonsense buyer instant payment and very easy to deal with. Thank you Sir. PC-Magician PC-Magician
PC-Magician PC-Magician 02/10/17 Great smooth transaction, well happy. Biker Biker
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