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Rotundus Rotundus 21/03/17 Great guy to deal with. Instant payment, and good comms. throughout.Thanks very much! marley marley
Iceblue Iceblue 20/03/17 Just as it should be cheers Andy bridgeman bridgeman
Faze Faze 20/03/17 Bought a nice diver from Trev, perfect transaction, buy with confidence. martinzx martinzx
The Canon Man The Canon Man 18/03/17 Bill was extremely communitive throughout the sale.. Also very understanding as it's was a hectic weekend for with my boys birthday looming and was ill so very understanding indeed, top man Cheers Bill Sulie Sulie
Sulie Sulie 18/03/17 Sulie bought my NY2300. Excellent communication and prompt payment. A pleasure to deal with. The Canon Man The Canon Man
Jonesinamillion Jonesinamillion 15/03/17 Jones was kind enough to offer a 22mm strap free of charge. Arrived nice and quick, didn't even skimp on the postage. A great guy to have on the forum! hughlle hughlle
bristolboozer bristolboozer 14/03/17 great watch many thanks delivered very quickly and as described. smithswatches smithswatches
packrat packrat 13/03/17 Excellent buyer. No problems whatsoever and fast payment as well. Brill'. Robden Robden
Robden Robden 13/03/17 Tidy watch purchase from Rob. Posted next morning & securely wrapped, plus Rob went out of his way to try help source extra links for the strap. A credit to the forum & a nice chap indeed. packrat packrat
Roger the Dodger Roger the Dodger 09/03/17 Another smooth trouble free transaction with this top fella. mcb2007 mcb2007
mcb2007 mcb2007 09/03/17 Another great deal from Rob...a guy that keeps his word. Thanks mate! Roger the Dodger Roger the Dodger
freestyle_gus freestyle_gus 08/03/17 Excellent deal. Very pleased. Thanks Richard. Robden Robden
wookie wookie 04/03/17 Very quick and no prob's. Thanks wookie. Robden Robden
Robden Robden 04/03/17 Excellent watch from Rob, Cheers mate wookie wookie
SBryantgb SBryantgb 02/03/17 Quick and painless. Excellent Robden Robden
rolex rolex 28/02/17 No fuss. No bother. Thanks Alan Robden Robden
electorn electorn 28/02/17 Great guy to deal with. Cheers. badgersdad badgersdad
pauluspaolo pauluspaolo 27/02/17 Just completed another deal with Paul within 36 hrs thank you butty top Man thank you taffyman taffyman
bridgeman bridgeman 25/02/17 No fuss. No silly questions. As it should be. Nice one Chris. Robden Robden
Robden Robden 25/02/17 Nice avia handwinder,superswift posting,excellent seller. Cheers Rob. bridgeman bridgeman
Roger the Dodger Roger the Dodger 23/02/17 I received a nice pm about the Samurai and Roger was true to his word. A real gentleman to do business with, thanks Rog. electorn electorn
electorn electorn 22/02/17 Sean was a pleasure to deal with, and kept his word about letting me have 2nd dibs. Would have no hesitation to deal again. Roger the Dodger Roger the Dodger
badgersdad badgersdad 22/02/17 I bought badgers lovely Combat Sub. It arrived promptly and well packed. Lovely gentleman to deal with, thank you. electorn electorn
Faze Faze 20/02/17 Thanks for the watch mate it is great, just what I have been waiting for. Great watch, great service, great guy, thank you again. Teg62x Teg62x
Faze Faze 18/02/17 Purchased a couple of nice straps from Trev, great price, arrived speedily, always a pleasure to deal with. One on already. brummie1875 brummie1875

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