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  2. I have a chanel but it's all about pipes and cigars! I'll post a link if people want to see.
  3. I have been making video's for a little while now... on a range of things. I haven't been spamming them everywhere though and I haven't got subscribers so not many views ^^ I think Frederico, Andriquo and Paul Pluta are good (Paul Pluta is Archie Luxury, yes he is rude and a snob but if you watch his early watch reviews by model he is actually knowledgeable about the subject) The best was Paul Thorpe but he has stopped producing video's because he is an active dealer and the security concern was too great.
  4. I believe that I can come to rescue here, but only because of former posts on this illustrious forum which provide at least some information on Talis watches. The relevant Watch Forum posts are as follows: "Talis Brand," posted by Padraig on 9 February 2005 "Talis Ladies Watch," posted by tzus on 26 May 2011 Essentially, the Talis Watch Company, La Chaux-au-Fonds and London was active from 1917 to 1937, and then reactivated in about 1959. The company made watches for men and women, and it would seem that although they vary in quality, many were actually quite good and well-specified. From the early period, Talis watches turn up from time to time, and in the period from the late 1950s, Talis watches are not rare. Movements used were often of good quality and the inabloc shock system apprears, as does models with over 17 jewels. Dive watches are known, but I am not sure about chronographs. It would appear that Talis was one of the lesser known watch concerns, using bought-in movements and probably other bought-in components. The actual extent of in-house watch manufacture or assembly is not known, and hopefully additional material will turn up on this intriguing brand. Two views of an early 17j dive automatic dive watch by Talis from the early1960s showing the face and the movement(pic from Rear of a 25j movement in a Talis wristwatch from about 1970 (pic from
  5. Anyone who want's to add video's to the channel can message me, maybe we could have a Flic Friday thread in the future.
  6. Long Island Watch have some good videos as well
  7. Great
  8. I am the 1st to SUB
  9. We should start our own
  10. I also follow this guy, which has been really helpful for understanding watch mechanics and how movements are constructed/deconstructed:
  11. Caps do fail replaced a Few myself.
  12. I assume Citizen still make the Miyota Quartz that is found in other brands?
  13. It's a great day for Democracy. Unless you're on the losing side. Then the system in rigged and unfair. Our cousins to the south have spoken.
  14. Could of let me have it this time [emoji6] That would definitely help [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. They have a capacitor that charges through sunlight so they are quartz per se but NOT the quartz as we know it (old school, replace battery, wait for it to run out, repeat, etc.). I'm just bothered by the logos and the fact that they have to use certain specific dials or elements on the dial (such as adding some circles or stripes that act as the solar panels).
  16. I`m trying (obviously unsuccessfully) to cut back on my watch purchases
  17. Top man
  18. I think compared to some he's professional and it is well edited. I prefer him to some American ones. I look at Amad the watch guy. I'll try and post a link.
  19. Great to see those wonderful Accurist watches, especially the dateable example which I myself, with my growing "memory" for minor differences in watch design, created by looking at as many dateable watches as possible in books, articles, and on the forum, would have also dated to about 1955. Changes in watch design over the years has become a sort of "hobby" within my watch collecting. Interesting point you raise, Graham, about the fact that most Accurist mechanicals seem to have 21 jewels. I can tell you that almost as soon as Accurist was founded, in 1946, the company decided to set their sights on promoting a 21j lever movement instead of the usual 12j movements found in many other period watches of the same style. It seems that the Loftus management used this 21j idea as a sort of product USP, and it was part of Accurist advertising and promotional material at the time. I am not a horological expert and so I am not sure if there are any advantages in using a 21j lever movement over a 17j example of similar quality, but I would have thought there wasn't much in it. I therefore reckon that Accurist settled on 21j as a useful slogan. Whatever the case, I have found the earlier Accurist mechanical watches to be pretty competent, and they always seem to be working when I come across them - either manual wind or automatic.
  20. Hi I also have some Hamilton RGP watches, they are in fact 1 sheet of 10ct gold fused onto a base metal. The acid test was a scrapping of the 10ct gold 'plate'. Usually the gold content is about 1/20th of the total weight. If the term gold filled is used this usually means there is a heavier content of gold. In my opinion, 'rolled' gold plate is far far superior than just gold plate. Hope this helps.
  21. Have a good weekend everyone
  22. If its stamped 10k rgp I would work on the assumption that it is plated. The difference between electroplated and rolled gold is that rg can be quite thick...I am not sure if where he filed would have been the thickest part and whether he significantly broke the surface. Some people think its enough to run the file over the surface when you need to dig the edge into it a put a proper gash into the material which naturally leaves damage. I have over the years seen many pieces marked as something they are not...but never to the detriment. Ultimately if there is no hallmark it cannot be retailed as gold - I can see a solution unless you are prepared to open it up. I wish you luck ^^
  23. Voodoo Java! I'm convinced he's my new best friend.
  24. Am I missing something aren't eco drive's Quartz. They have a Quartz oscillator, and they aren't that eco friendly as the cells do fail.
  25. I checked Ebay to see if they had one listed, unfortunately not but found a similiar Slava with Arabic numerals I just couldn`t resist so bought it
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  27. So you're a Trump fan then?
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