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  2. Speaking of copies aka f@#es

    The UK is awash with fakes, clothes, watches, fags and so on. There are any number of Facebook pages and twitter feeds flogging the stuff. It's rife. And as said previously I'll bet 99% of purchasers know exactly what they are buying and for whatever reason don't think twice about it or see a problem with it. I worked beside a bloke and his full wardrobe from top to bottom was fake gear. He didn't care. That fat girl in Asda with the snotty sprog buying smartprice chip and beans, you can bet pretty much everything you've got that her £1200 Montclar coat (the latest must have around here for the girls), two grand LV handbag and UGG boots are as fake as her dodgy tan. And I still think this super fake is a bit of an urban myth, you only need to look at the dodgy stitching on the coat, the plasticy looking bag and baggy boots and her to see the stuff is just cheap rubbish. Someone in another thread mentioned £800 for a good fako, where can you buy a new Rolex, any Rolex for that matter for that sort of money so you either know what your buying or your not the sharpest tool in the box. And the £800 job will be no better than the cheap ones.
  3. Friday 15th December watch parade

    This for me today. SMITHS EVEREST PRS-25 by Paul, on Flickr SMITHS EVEREST PRS-25 by Paul, on Flickr
  4. Friday 15th December watch parade

    Afternoon changeover Helvetia Beatmaster
  5. Dropping a Watch

    I've dropped loads. I always wince. I'm a good toe catcher as well - footy skills never leave you. Worse drop was my ceramic DSOTM onto a hard tiled floor, I yelped and looked away. No problem, thankfully. Then I remembered it's had worse treatment
  6. Get your kicks where you can

    As long as the ph level is maintained at 5, don't like adding lime if it's lower (depending on locality of course).
  7. Get your kicks where you can

    Making fake dog crap( very realistically crafted in clay) and leaving them in lane and watching from the scaffold as old ladies pushed it outside each other’s back gates with a broom. Popping a piece of the same in my mouth and making a delivery driver physically sick
  8. Song Titles Game

    Troubled Times. Wild Billy Childish & The Deltamen.
  9. Get your kicks where you can

    this is why guns are not allowed in many countries.
  10. Vostok Bronze

    Looks fantástic, what do you use to strip the case?
  11. Spares and Repairs fix.

    Not in this case.....that’s in maybe a week
  12. Christmas Day Watch

    I am lucky enough to spend Christmas day un Australia so I'll be wearing muy orange skx most likely while sunbathing on the beach.
  13. Well, (knew the maths was iffy, ran out of fag packets halfway through) over 300 watches sold via the two players even, Amazon and EBay, and nobody at either questions how or why this guy has 300 watches ostensibly worth £3k or even more per item that he can manage to sell at around 10% of retail? Back to the drawing board Mr Amazbay and get the act together! And again, how much did they - AmazBay - make out of it all? A quick run on the estimated fees page at the bay gives us around £25 each, so times 300 that makes around £7500. (used the calculator this time ) Can't find a fees calculator for selling on Amazon, but would assume it would be about the same. That's a sensible sum of money AmazBay made for allowing fakes to be sold on their sites. Have there ever been any prosecutions of either one would imagine for allowing this to happen?
  14. Get your kicks where you can

    You seem to know rather a lot on this subject. We must compare notes.
  15. Spares and Repairs fix.

    does "gaining time" mean it "just need cleaning"?
  16. The Perfect Collection

    I'll respond when she's gone out.
  17. Get your kicks where you can

    Fusarium spores is far more effective in fanatics lawns (it also has a pink tinge).
  18. Spares and Repairs fix.

    Mine dated to March 83. I agree, far to good to take to bits for fun
  19. Spares and Repairs fix.

    Very nice Set mine when it arrived and it gained around 20 seconds since then. Changed the strap and decided it's too good for me to disassemble and most likely bugger up.
  20. its up to the maker to include a mark that can't be easily found and copied. this goes back to the steam boat era. and to the country of origin to enforce it. for example; the patent on the steam engine or marine propeller. vin
  21. Friday 15th December watch parade

    Seiko solar chronograph .
  22. Get your kicks where you can

    Too far. Fake mole hills on a lawn fanatics lawn is another good one.
  23. The Perfect Collection

    Way more!!!!
  24. Lacroix Pontos Supercharged Straps

    Gorgeous piece, truly! I much like the factory strap, but I get that the red stitching is a bit much. I'd prefer to see white stitching, myself. You can have a look around Otto Frei site. Lots of options, awesome prices, and quality stuff you can feel confident in. If you're a bit daring or bold, you should have a look over at MadDog straps. Some really wild stuff, you even pick out all your materials so it's sort of one of a kind.
  25. The Perfect Collection

    Women have more complications than watches.
  26. Can he do it?

    I've never been able to curtail my collecting habitats, it has always been "outside forces" that have changed them for me.
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