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  2. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    Yes my phone's are water resistant too. They also make water resistant cases for most of them and I also get those. I also have insurance on my phone which does cover complete negligence. Nothing to cover a watch. And yes, with what I'm paying for watches, I have no issue with have the seals replaced every few years.
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  4. Shall I, Shan't I ?

    It'll all end in tears......
  5. Shall I, Shan't I ?

  6. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    Gorgeous pieces
  7. Praise You Like I Shoild

    My most complimented is a cheapie Chinese junker I don't even have pictures of. I will admit it has a very nice case design and finishing. Also the bracelet is very unique in design and well finished But the dial is clearly cheap plastic. Mineral glass. Quartz movement with hands that don't all align well. Then again I've never seen a single quartz that did. Also the brand name is just horrific... Pagani design... Total rip of Porsche design and not at all associated with Pagani. Just lame. I'm embarrassed to wear it. But my girlfriend loves it and everyone talks about it. Hard to get rid of. It's only rated to 50m water resistant however I've taken in the ocean with me, that's very corrosive salt water and Sean for about an hour, nothing much happened. It gunked up around the pushers a bit and the crown was very difficult to unscrew, but no fogging inside, never skipped a beat for time. I'm actually quite impressed and think I may keep it. Good travel watch. Lol I once owned, and should never have sold, a Serket reef diver 2.0, and it garnered many compliments. Mostly because it was gigantic and easily noticed, but also very beautifully executed. On the flip side, I always compliment people's watches if I think they are feeling WIS. Like I had a client wearing a Seiko diver. Nicer then the 5 sports junk, but still American market. I commented on it, even though I hate Seiko and have very little respect for them, just to start a conversation. He new the model nomenclature and everything, but it was the only watch he owned and he explained that he is a very meticulous person who takes lots of time researching things before buying and that's why he remembers the Maker's model info. He took it off and let me look at it. I pretended to like it. But I did say with all honesty that it was a very wise decision and a quality watch. Today I complimented a guy on his gigantic Invicta Russian diver piece. Totally not my style but clearly a statement piece which I appreciate regardless. He said thanks and didn't even attempt to glance at mine. I'm a very extroverted person. I speak my mind at all times so when I see a watch I know I compliment it. I hope it will spark WISdom talk, but so far, has not.
  8. Watch Pics with Other Things.

    Mach...Mach, ol' pal.....this strange addiction to creatures that sit on your lap, pretending to enjoy a stroke for about 2 minutes, before turning and ripping your skin off, then stalking away with their tail in the air as if to say 'Yeah?....well get a load of my bum'ole, matey'......(and I have to say at this point that I can't believe someone actually had their cat's arse stuffed and mounted on a plaque....) ...crap in the garden, wipe their feet in it, then walk and smear it all over your food prep work tops is completely beyond me and a large proportion of the population......are you sure working as a psi nurse hasn't affected you even the teeniest, tinyest bit? As you're always saying...... Bwahahahahahahhhhhh..........
  9. Yesterday
  10. Ups and Downs Thread.

    Guys and Gals.....(ooo-er....sounded a bit Jimmy Savile there ).....The weekly 'Ups / Downs' thread hosted by the ever popular Rog ( @RWP ........Who? ), is alive and well, and to be found in its new home, the 'Open' forum. This great thread is not dead, far from it....it has just moved slightly....hopefully it will encourage others to explore the forum a bit more as well. There is more to this forum than just 'Watch Discussion'.......explore and awaken....I implore you to support the thread in its new home as you did in its former...thanks everyone! Rog...
  11. Ups and down an TWF W/E 20-10-17

    So happy you've reconsidered, Rog....I was going to take this thread on if you didn't post it again....one of my all time favourites. Ups... My new rheumatology consultant is to die for.... Downs...I've got to take some seriously nasty drugs.......but hey ho, I ain't dead yet...and if I get to see her every week........
  12. Any Art collectors?

    I've always been a bit intreagued with surrealist art, I was at a local bootsale and bought a box of Horology mags for peanuts, When I went through them at home I found a folder with a load of Gustav Mosser prints inside, I only paid 30p for the boxful from memory, I really love these prints though The wife once bought a load of photo's/prints of the Beatles and David Bowie, She also bought some group paintings and Elvis pics that were framed in glass, The whole lot toppled over this year in the spare room, All the glass was smashed so the whole lot went in the bin! Anyone know the Abbeydale industrial hamlet in Sheffield? I bought this picture of it but gave it my son to put on his antiques/bric a brac stall, I loved it but her indoors hated it so will never go on the wall!!, I'm getting it back from my lad to donate to the Hamlet if it's not sold the next time he goes THIS is the artist.. John
  13. A Display of NOS

    Rog. I'm sure with its provenance yours is a genuine NOS. This means new old stock which was new then stored until sold as such. Unfortunately the term has been much misused so I doubt there are many true examples of the genre...
  14. Song Titles Game

    Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight & the Pips
  15. Tmb we would be lost without you and females.
  16. Ways of Annoying the Wife.

    I'm here for the long haul!
  17. A Display of NOS

    Non for me rog but yours is a cracker
  18. Song Titles Game

    (Two) 2 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden.
  19. Song Titles Game

    Goody Two Shoes- Adam and the Ants
  20. An update...and thanks to all.

    Thanks for the support, ol' pal, but after 4 months of constant pain, have actually just been diagnosed with the dreaded RA. So it's onto Methotrexate and blood tests for the forseeable future.
  21. An update...and thanks to all.

    Read this late Rog.....Sorry. All the best and I hope you are swiftly up and about
  22. A Little Light Reading...?

    Rog...Rog....it's not just watch bits you need to know about...do you know about women's bits?...what to do with them, and more impotantly, how to find them?... Apparently, 50% of ladies don't know where their fannies are...so you're not alone... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2739552/Just-HALF-women-locate-vagina-diagram-female-reproductive-system.html Pretty sure TMB aka @themysterybidder will enlighten you.....all in the best possible taste, I assume....
  23. Except @themysterybidder.........hanging in here in a most useful and lady like manner
  24. I wouldn't get into an argument with Boogie, and he only weighs a bit over a stone
  25. Watch Pics with Other Things.

    No & anyway I wouldn`t feed my cats that, mostly rice & grain (which cats can`t digest) with 4% protein, rubbish
  26. Yeah I said I wouldn't but I'm all mouth and no trousers How went the week for you on TWF, kind or unkind? Up or Down. Ups On the watch front Davey sent me a gift of Reginald ( yes Reginald) lookie likey Rolex . It's a borderline homage. The man is a saint I tell you. Something to look forward to tomorrow. Otherwise I had a week of replacing batteries in mostly stopped watches. Never ending. Down The weather, bar today, has been rubbish, and now the SW is waiting for Storm Brian, after we got the tail end of a hurricane earlier this week . Not much point in going out really, unless it's to eat. Most establishments are half closed over the winter and you wait ages while they find someone still working to find the microwave Instead of being downcast about being relegated to the jokes forum I shall be overjoyed at ANY reply, however off topic. Thoughts for Bob Sheruncle and all suffering Ill health.....All the best. Bit early this week but I thought I'd make my climb down swiftly Cheers
  27. Friday 20th.

    Roy?...Roy...we seriously need to discuss the suitability of some of the so called 'Mods'.....night watch, indeed...get a grip, Mach...or I might have to send your favourite nurse round.
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