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  2. The Apple watch.... gets on my nerves....

    I have considered buying a smart watch on a couple of occasions more the cheaper android ones from ebay as opposed to the apple watch specifically, as a gadget I would quite enjoy messing with the different functions (not sure how long that would last) but the big problem for me is having to re-charge at such regular intervals.
  3. The Apple watch.... gets on my nerves....

    I don't have an iPhone and don't intend to own one anytime soon so an Apple watch isn't going to work for me. However, if we open that definition up to smart watches in general then my feelings are different but still mixed. I can see the positives but the technology is still at an early stage and needs to develop before I'd consider it: they need to have a two day battery and to essentially replace my phone. I think that's what will ultimately happen as technology progresses, because who wants to have a phone in your pocket if the thing on your wrist can do the same and there's less chance of losing it? Think of what happened to pocket watches when wrist watches arrived on the scene... This is all probably still ten years away. Maybe at that point we wear one phone watch and one mechanical watch. For now though, smart watches, and the Apple watch in particular, don't interest me.
  4. The Apple watch.... gets on my nerves....

    i am not actually against smart watches... really.... I just happen to think the Apple watch looks horrible and is functionally flawed....
  5. The Apple watch.... gets on my nerves....

    Interesting for me this thread. I am from the generation which has grew up with the internet and the many mobile devices which are always connected to some type of internet. So reading the bad press the apple watch receives I can't understand fully. Apple knock up some decent tech albeit overpriced. I am writing this on an Iphone so I like most of their products, but their 'watch' I do not like. I wore my friends when they were released. Not for me. Don't understand why I would need one when I have a better version of that device 30cm away in my pocket?! Its just another piece of tech, a gadget, a gimmick that tech giants will use to create more sales. Maybe its a generation thing why it gets so much grief on this thread? Im still in my 20's and use my smart phone more as a computer than I device to speak to people. I don't think I have ever been on this forum on anything else than my iphone. I hardly use my desktop pc now. The apple watch is a watch, but not the proper watch that we all know and enjoy in this parish.
  6. Mind the Gap !

    I looked at this a fair amount and decided the standard moonwatch (861 or 1861 manual wind movement) solid back hesalite chrystal is the Speedmaster to go for. As for the speedmaster I think the blue wavey dial type is the one (Pierce Brosnan's style) for some reason I find the quartz or the auto acceptable. There have been many good seamasters over the years...I had a pre-Bond for ten years which was excellent... I shouldn't have got rid of it but did so to get the moonwatch. I should have made room for both maybe.
  7. A little test......

    I'm beginning to suspect that you can't tell the time
  8. A little test......

    almost time for tiffin ...
  9. Power reserve

    I sleep it off Rob
  10. Insane watches.

    I can believe they exist, its believing anyone would buy one thats troublesome. I appreciate some of this stuff, like the music box but trying to reinvent the wheel is often a mistake. The reason the wheel is round is because thats the best solution... the reason watches look as they do is for functionality, when you spread the hours and minutes to the four corners of the world its cleverness for the sake of it.
  11. Power reserve

    But don't you find that all this crashing out and laying down make you tired?
  12. Power reserve

    When the urge to exercise or work, indeed anything of the same ilk, comes over me I lay down until it passes .
  13. Insane watches.

    I took mine a week past last someday Mach, soI'm OK now!
  14. Looks like the seconds hand is a (not so) near miss as well.
  15. Today
  16. Insane watches.

    Oh dear, I see some people have been missing their medication again
  17. Insane watches.

    2nd breakfast o'clock here is saff whales !
  18. Power reserve

    I could do with a power reserve meter on me to stop me working too hard and falling asleep! No watch with one yet.
  19. Budget Watch Boxes

    Excellent stuff, the black looks good to me My choice for the inside would be red felt, with the dividing wooden panel painted the same black as the outside.
  20. Early buys

    Tricky people these Fossilers. I think it is sufficiently different to make an ordinary watch into an interesting one.
  21. Early buys

    The bezel and face have a ring of leather areound them that continues into the leather bracelet links Kev ( leather covered metal).
  22. Early buys

    That's a nice watch Rog very different way the watch head is mounted unless it's a trick of the photo.
  23. Insane watches.

    You're wrong it's CST, Custard Saving Time in Shrewsbury now
  24. Early buys

    Early days Fossil...,. Back in the days when the Boz bought me watches ( I didn't have too many in her opinion).
  25. I'm a bit of a Bulova fan, and had my eye on this one for ages: It's got excellent reviews all over t'internet, and at one time was available at a reasonable price (currently around £160-ish in various online retailers). However, it's a Marine Star not a Precisionist, which is a shame. Also, I wasn't sure if it was quite large enough for me, and in the end I think I left it so long I got bored and went off the idea Another one I was watching for a while is the Nixon SS Corporal: Looks like it might be right up my street at 48mm (I've not seen one in the flesh yet though), but I don't like the non-fitted end links on the bracelet, and there is no strap version available as far as I can tell. RRP is £200, but I've seen it for £120, so not a bad price, and if it was available to buy with the same rubber strap as my Nixon "The Unit" digital, I would be all over it. So, only 2 near misses for me
  26. Lovely watch -- I would certainly have worn it. Given my views that (unless you are in the watch trade) nobody much buys a watch with his/her head (always the heart), and that the prime function of fine watches is as jewellery (lovely things at which to gaze), I covet some offerings from Breguet and Blancpain. I find them much more elegant than most objects from the trinity notwithstanding "residuals". I suppose buying watches from ADs is much like buying cars -- offers will always be "impossible" until you hit a window where the dealer needs to reduce stock, or comes under pressure from the OEM to shift more units. I have had a couple of illuminating experiences on that front. Back on topic: I came very, very close to buying a Lange Grosse 1 a few months ago, but was diverted by the even more absolutely stunning (in my eyes) GO Panoreserve in Blue.
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