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  2. Who does?

    Once, on the advice of a friend who told me that it would minimise the risk of damage. Belted something held in a vice with a large hammer, which slipped, watch hit the corner of the vice jaw and smashed into bits. shortest ownership of a Seiko ever.
  3. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    Caravelle, c1970 with an 11DP movement made by Citizen, 7 jewel...
  4. Do you find G Shocks too big.

    There's a simple explanation for that mate. The bars look crap, and most people take them off On the subject of size comparisons, here's the Protrek I mentioned previously, next to the equally gigantic Fossil Nate: Both watches were just about at the limit of what I find wearable, size-wise, but I've since moved them on to pastures new
  5. Tissot Visiodate

    Your watches Grandpa More modern....the nearest I have..... The Tissot logo on yours is more like my vintage.
  6. Who does?

    NURSE!...He's out of bed again!.....
  7. Do you find G Shocks too big.

  8. Phantom Bezel Turner

    Great solution Davey......two phantoms
  9. Phantom Bezel Turner

    Still on the 'Trinidad Woodbines', Rog...?.........
  10. Tissot Visiodate

    Oh my... he did pick the wrong one didn't he! That looks georgeous.
  11. Phantom Bezel Turner

    Send it to me, I can sort that out easily enough mate
  12. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    I took this picture this morning Vintage GUB today
  13. wearing my watch on the wrong (right) wrist

    Ouch, I've never had that, but a couple of my mates broke their collar bones on a skiing holiday a few years ago, and they both said it was bloody agony. Obviously I made sure their xrays featured in the DVD for that year Hope you mend quickly mate, I think it took about 4 - 6 weeks for them to heal, but apparently it's easy for the bone to break again while it's healing, so take it easy and - as Karrusel said - make sure you milk it as well
  14. Phantom Bezel Turner

    Nah! that's no good, WRENCH, he'll never get the watch off his wrist again
  15. Mafws Game

    Pulled a right tasty youngster..... PERVE
  16. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    Even went round the chippie & made tea all day. I know my place.
  17. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    Egad ! Fraternising with the oiks ... you be poping in via the tradesmens entrance next
  18. There is a small problem which I am working on I'm looking into this one
  19. wearing my watch on the wrong (right) wrist

    One of the most painful area's to have break...feel you pain. Make sure you milk it with those around you...for at least 3 months.
  20. Do you find G Shocks too big.

    My gshock glide came with the bars but no big rubber bumper bits. Given its been worn through some very extreme conditions over about 15yr it's faired pretty well. Not too big either and tough as old boots. Now I'm a desk jockey it gets worn for gardening or decorating duties. Sort of semi retired
  21. Do you find G Shocks too big.

    Not a G shock fan.
  22. Citizen divers

    did you buy two ? , like the star burst style dial and orange deano
  23. Irritation can become Anger

    hi honor, I feel your frustration and anger with the NHS, not for myself but my 88 year old dad who has just spent two full weeks in a hospital bed in two different hospitals, needing a mri to find Gaul stones and a endoscope to remove a blockage that has nearly crippled/killed him, just to say he got kicked out yesterday , having NEITHER procedure after being pumped full of morphine and antibiotics and being sent as a out patient appointment for weds to have them done , but will it take place !!! who know with the state of the NHS ! hope you get your door sorted and new joint and all goes well , deano
  24. Irritation can become Anger

    Keep the faith.
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