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  3. I absolutely agree that the cyclist doesn't seem to looking where he is going, and hence crashes.The point I take exception to is delight that "Roger the Dodger' seems to take in the accident, calling him a 'Lucra Loony' and a 'Tw*t', as if he doesn't have a right to be on the road. That is just arrogant and a grown adult should know better.
  4. Pointless mate, you might as well not bother now I'm in
  5. Thanks for rubbing it in mate, much appreciated Congratulations on the G-Shock though, and nice one Choco for offering up such a generous prize
  6. New Site layout looking great Scott, pictures really jump out of the screen, easy enough to negotiate way round, liking the drop down menus for each decade/year. Super Job mate :thumbs_up:

  7. I've posted these before, Ruthie has got two watches, this one for work (won from Roy in a competition on here): And this old Seiko SQ for weekends, which was part of an ebay joblot: She's not really interested in watches, hence only having 2
  8. Any comment from my will be highly inappropriate So my reaction is
  9. Not Better Half...but daughter: Better Half with Wittnauer Electro-Chron...thanks @Roy
  10. We watched Kindergarten Cop the other day and spotted Arnie wearing the Casio ani digital
  11. New at 90. Fake.
  12. I like their LE's, which have bits of historical aviation memorobilia/materials built into them. Gimmicky, but I'll never be in a position to consider spending on the brand so I'm quite happy enjoying them from afar! The brand is an exercise in value-added marketing. Some nice designs but if I was spending that kind of dosh I'd consider other brands first.
  13. Thanks Harry. I think a pause and a bit of reading is defo required. I was looking at various books be De Carle. Any recommendations? I really enjoy learning by doing, but it comes at a cost..and I can imagine noddy level running commentaries get a bit wearisome after a while... Meanwhile I've inherited 6 more pocket watches from my Mother in Law. I'll post photos on the watch ID page when I can. Some nice ones - Denison 'Moon' and 'Star' one that's an alarm type 'Junghams', an old 'Smiths of Trafalgar Squar'e. Dension's are almost running. Alarm missing idea how to replace those. Smiths - worried it's radioactive...
  14. Pam's pieces - The latest, not in top pic;
  15. There were a few other Bullitt watches at but this one wasn' I submitted the screen grabs about 6 months...and now these are included .
  16. Not much to choose between them, quality-wise, but I prefer Citizen's Eco-Drive technology to Seiko's kinetic movements. I had a BFK for a while, and it was a stunner, but I found it a pain being forced to wear it just to keep the charge topped up. I know there are other ways to charge it, but it's all a bit unnecessary to me, I prefer to have a simple battery change every few years, and if the BFK was a normal quartz I probably would have kept it. Having said that, I've got this lovely Seiko Solar watch, that's as good as any Eco-Drive I guess: Quite hard to see the open hands in low light conditions though, thanks to my crappy eyesight, and it has got a fine scratch on the crystal which needs sorting, so it will either get sold later this year or I might have a go at modding it when I get time. I've never tried putting lume on hands, or changed a crystal, so it gives me a good excuse to try them out and see what happens (from past experience my hand replacement skills are hit and miss at best... )
  17. Great story i love mine
  18. I got 3 watches for er indoors, new batteries, time set etc, still never wears one.Then wore one of my Nite tritiums to gad off to New York with mates for a weekend after i set it to NY time and said she was glad she wore it! Women!
  19. Hamilton Khaki features in Interstellar. I really liked the movie, like the watch, too.
  20. One of McQueen's regular stunt drivers (worked on the Bullitt chase) got a 5512 from him as a thank you with a personal message engraved. Talk about a collector's item. I have Bullitt on BD, but no way to do direct screenshots. Your suspicion might be confirmed at Nice of them to put Bill Paxton in there. RIP, Bill, you gave us such great movie memories.... Fun stuff. Moore's 5513 got a hero shot in The Man With the Golden Gun, too, looking rather battered. The "first watch" Gruen may be the one Connery's wearing in his battle with Oddjob in Goldfinger's climax. I've admired some Omega Devilles as a close match, but gold watches aren't my style. The story goes, Rolex wouldn't even lend Eon Productions a watch for Dr. No, so Albert Broccoli pulled his own 6538 off his wrist and lent it to the production. It reappeared in From Russia With Love, Goldfinger (its hero turn with a nylon strap), and Thunderball. Seemingly the same "big crown" watch with gilt dial and no-minutes index bezel. How times have changed.
  21. Very English, with a French name! Owned by brothers Nick and Giles English, both keen pilots, they're based in Henley on Thames, a beautiful part of the Thames Valley and in the not too distant future will be producing an in-house modular based movement for it's range of watches, all manufactured in the UK. They are very successful in the UK, America and the far East having their own boutiques in London (2), New York and Hong Kong. Their watches are of extremely high quality, but yeah, not cheap. From the outset, they successfully placed themselves in the higher end of the 'luxury' watch market. In Bangkok until very recently, they were sold alongside, Panerai, JLC, IWC and the like.
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  23. Whole collection told the kids to stop after 50 something? The accompanying magazines are actually a valuable source of reference & information. Value, doesn't matter as they where a gift, they're going nowhere. Tune in every Wednesday for the next instalment.
  24. Your very welcome Mike hopefully you'll now be able to get it sorted
  25. Glad this post got resurrected - otherwise I would not have seen such a beautiful looking watch. Enjoy it
  26. The GMT function. Do you want it?
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