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Baby, it's cold outside...part deux.

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Roger the Dodger


While I get to stay working on the estate, the other lads who work on our building sites were busy demolishing an old garage, ready for a rebuild. They bought back a truck load of the old roofing timbers....joists, roofing batten and old chipboard flooring. Rather than just chuck it in the skip, where it would take up valuable space (...and I mean valuable, the price of skips today!) and as it was freezing cold, we made it into a bit of a bonfire. Kept me warm for most of the morning....:yes:

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That brings me great pain. To think, that could have been in my stove.:(

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If only you'd let me know! I could have left it for a week while you trundled down from the highlands in your traction engine to collect it!:laugh:

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1 hour ago, WRENCH said:

I'd have had to unload this lot first.


I see you and the lads have all got your 'estate' caps on here, but I don't think the guv'nor will approve of you drinking on the job.....:alcoholic:

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