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Up on the roof.....

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Roger the Dodger


When the alterations were done to the 'big' house a couple of years ago, one of the features added was a large roof light to allow natural daylight into the stairwell and hall below. Unfortunately, the local crow population thought that this would make a great place to perform their morning ablutions.....and when a crow lets go, it makes a hell of a mess! Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'logging on'. :laugh: The glass was soon covered in a layer of crow crap which didn't look very nice from below. So I've just been tasked with getting up on the roof to clean said glass and fit some anti bird spikes to prevent further 'downloads'. I'd love to be up there when one tries to land now, and gets a spike right up his 'rusty Sheriff's badge'......in the words of 'Jonesy' in Dad's Army.....'They don't like it up 'em, Sir!'

While I was up there took a few snaps of the grounds....

Roof light with anti bird spikes now fitted....:wicked:....you can see the access hatch on the far flat roof...no monkeying around on ladders here!

The stableyard, greenhouse and hedge I cut the other day...


Rear lawns, part of the walled garden and paddock...and my bonfire merrily smoking away in the top LH corner!


Front lawns and paddock....I love my job!large.20161102_112236.jpg


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