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Taking a battered Seiko 4205 and breathing new life into it.

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Small little balls

Well, one small ball and how I got it out. It's not as bad as it sounds.....honest.

Once I got the bezel off, all that was left was the remains of a spring and no ball bearing for that wonderfull "click" when you rotate your bezel. Being pointed in the right direction from Jsud2002 and a link to one of Roys hacks as I like to call them, I proceeded to find a Bic pen and my clippers and followed Roys instructions which can be found here.

Roys ball seems bigger than mine, so once I get a mitt full of spring bars tomorrow, I will be able to tell, but you get the idea of the job in hand.

There seems to be a mixed view on using these balls as they are not stainless steel, but Tungsten and over time may wear away the bezel. I dont use my bezel as it should be used, so in my case I dont mind using the Tungsten. If you prefer your balls of steel, they are about £3 for ten of the  1mm little blighters. Enjoy the pics.







Just a quick update

I have tested the run time on the Seiko. With a good shake, it lasted 48 hours before stopping. The time keeping was a bit hit and miss but with roughly an overall 30 minutes too fast by the end of the 48 hours. How can this be rectified? Anything to do with the plus and minus on the movement?

You will have to forgive the terminolgy I use in this blog. It is lamonese with plenty of thingys and lots of majigies

Feel free to point me in the right direction. Its the only way I will learn and also anyone who decides to read this!!


Cheap Macro Pics

I like macro pictures, but could never really justify forking out a shed load of money on camera equipment. Then one day, I was in TK Maxx having a mooch and see this weird gizmo. A smart phone camera attachment from National Geographic. A 30x lens for £6.99. In for a penny in for a pound. I trust national geographic,  but even the demo images seemed to be digitally enhanced.

I got home and attached the lens to the smart phone. All I could see was a blue tube with a close up of my watch lens. I thought "Oh well, at least I didnt spend much". Then I pinch zoomed on my phone screen. WOW now that was better. For £6.99 it became a bargain. Get one, its amazing. I suspect that if you can not find a National Geographic one, there will be others available on the bay of various China sites.




Bezel Off

OK, I couldn't wait and made a start tonight. The bezel was stuck and full of **** crud. I took it off with my trusty bezel removal tool** and proceeded to clean the crud off the bezel and case with my son's electric tooth brush. Better than it was and I am happy I made a start.

It has lost it's click as I think the BB has gone. (can this be replaced?)

** You dont want to know my tool list, but the work. Just dont ask me to work on youe Rolex









Before I continue, I must make a confession. I am not a watch maker nor am I skilled in any form of watch making wizardry. I like to take things apart, clean them up and make them presentable. Some of you like the "Wabi"  look and some of you like the restore the hell out of it. I am somewhere inbetween. I am more of a "modder".

I have, from an eBay buyer I have bought from before several times in the past, a Seiko 4205 mid size watch. The bezel wont rotate, but I think that is just crud under the ring and the crystal is a little worse for wear when under the microscope. No, really a microscope, but I will write about that in a bit.

This will not be a quick restore, more of a as and when I can get time to do it. When updates are ready, they will appear here.


Thanks for the interest and hopefully it will not be too long until the next post.





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