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it is a blog about me and stuff ...

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casio for the run - and for the first time in ages i miss-pressed the buttons so instead of starting a stopwatch i did bugger all to a down timer. good run anyway - i have a start slow and slow down after a mile strategy which seems to be working.

anyway down 11 pounds in weight since mid September; the huge drop in beer and cider consumption may have as much to do with it as the resumed training. finding it a bit too cold for the rowing machine in the mornings (garage).  some free weights indoors but god that is boring...

on call from home today after another busy week - almost up to date with the paperwork. if i get a call out i hope it comes soon - Friday afternoon specials are a royal friggin' pain and i don't get overtime - i have a lot of time for the NHS. most of the folks there are diamond, but there are a few skiving brain deads who wait until the very last minute to call something in so they can sit and drink coffee as "the machine is broken".   quote of the week - "well its started making this really bad mechanical noise and was running really rough a few days ago, but it didnt break down completely until this morning" ... rant over. 

luxor for the weekend unless back to the casio for work - it had been the seiko for the last few days.

and it turns out its 8 in total not 7 - i put them all in the box at the same time and counted - yes for a while there there was no watch at all on my slightly slimmer, anger vented wrist.

BFN      Jimmy and Leonard this week - am i getting old ?

Hagwe :rltrlt:



working locally today - not much over 100 miles there and back.

late call out - some inspired troubleshooting on my part concluded that the system was fine the monitor was buggered :laugh: .    nicked another monitor from a nearby pc and Bob's yer mother's brother.  its a good temp fix until i sort something out :thumbsup:

speedbird today - nice to see i have honed my skill from setting watches exactly an hour fast to exactly a minute fast.  fine as it happens as it runs about -5s/d.

way down the southwest tomorrow - babysitting an engineer for a day before he goes for assessment next week, either a boring day or a bloomin' nightmare :(

still no training - but the paperwork is almost done, as is the laundry and some ironing - life on the edge :tumbleweed:


just under 300 miles today - same watch.  might swap to the speedbird tonight for the remainder of the week.

muck donalds for lunch - what was i thinking ?  YUCK ! - except for the banana milkshake :whistle:

again no training today  :angry: - too much work and driving - on standby tomorrow so might get a run in before it all kicks off.

not enough stuff for sale in the classifieds and not much horology in the forum as of late - lets hope things improve as the night draw in ...

must look into that luxor with the Jenny case - its for sale you know - all i need is a decent offer - mind you actually knowing roughly what is worth would be good too i suppose.

tea and lemon drizzle cake for supper 







day 1 - monday

casio 5610 1er on bracelet.

squeak under 400 miles today to work with a prat who had fixed the problem for which he had called me out, then decided he wanted me on site anyway. 

turkey and ham subway for lunch, yogurt and tea for supper.

no training as had to spend almost 9 hours driving in biblical rain and m4, m5 and A30 with more road works than bloody road ...

bedforshire tomorrow - cant wait :russian_roulette:




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