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  1. ok, been a while but i am back.   7 watches in total.  possibly 2 too many.  a cull is on the way, just a matter for time really.  Summer being a rubbish time to try and sell i will hang on until later in the year. 
    PB have sent me the email so ... i have downloaded the only album on there i really want to keep (some holiday snaps froma few years ago) and the rest can stay there until the account folds or i get around to killing it. 

    somewhat motivation free re next purchase - losing the love of auto - solar and kinetics being more in step with my frequent swapping etc.

    working from home a lot these days which is BORING !!!! possibly hence the time spent of the forum going up a bit.

    more later - well past the time for my second pot of tea of the day



  2. I put new cams in my bike to give better mid range power, and went for a run in the glorious sunshine to make sure everything was fine. Ended up going a route that took me past where "it all began".

    Andra (Andrew) Cochran's at Roundyhill. One shed, surprisingly still standing.


    There used to be another two to the left. Always something ratty and interesting to be had, Rudges, Norton's, etc. I once bought a Triumph Grand Prix for £30, and rode it home 17 miles when I was 14. There was a huge pot belly stove in the remaining shed, which was always on in the winter, and the place was lit with paraffin lamps. This was in the 1970's ! The last time I was there would have been over 35 years ago when I went to see " Andra's" brother after he died.

  3. While I get to stay working on the estate, the other lads who work on our building sites were busy demolishing an old garage, ready for a rebuild. They bought back a truck load of the old roofing timbers....joists, roofing batten and old chipboard flooring. Rather than just chuck it in the skip, where it would take up valuable space (...and I mean valuable, the price of skips today!) and as it was freezing cold, we made it into a bit of a bonfire. Kept me warm for most of the morning....:yes:

  4. Well, one small ball and how I got it out. It's not as bad as it sounds.....honest.

    Once I got the bezel off, all that was left was the remains of a spring and no ball bearing for that wonderfull "click" when you rotate your bezel. Being pointed in the right direction from Jsud2002 and a link to one of Roys hacks as I like to call them, I proceeded to find a Bic pen and my clippers and followed Roys instructions which can be found here.

    Roys ball seems bigger than mine, so once I get a mitt full of spring bars tomorrow, I will be able to tell, but you get the idea of the job in hand.

    There seems to be a mixed view on using these balls as they are not stainless steel, but Tungsten and over time may wear away the bezel. I dont use my bezel as it should be used, so in my case I dont mind using the Tungsten. If you prefer your balls of steel, they are about £3 for ten of the  1mm little blighters. Enjoy the pics.






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    Well I think I just started a blog......many thanks Roy.

    I am playing with my new Parnis to celebrate :tongue:

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