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    • Nothing wrong with a chronograph pilot's watch, as long as the chronograph function doesn't detract from the fundamental timekeeping-at-a-glance of the watch.
    • black betty   ram jam
    • I must admit that having examined the whole question of lume and safety in great detail due to my own concerns about it, I have come to the conclusion that I personally would avoid buying old watches that have been liberally lumed with radium-based lume. For me personally, it may be true that just wearing a radium watch so lumed is probably adding only a negligible amount of radiation in the scheme of things, but the thought of having a personal source of penetrating gamma radiation on my wrist day after day is just one step too far. Radium is a source of all three major forms of naturally emitted ionising radiation - alpha, beta, and gamma. The radium in lume has a very long half-life, and the amount of radiation being emitted in even a very old radium-lumed watch will be almost the same as when the watch was made, although the degradation of the phosphor caused by being burned out by the radiation may mean that there is no glow left. When it comes to tritium-based lumed watches, I would wear one but not every day or for extended periods. These watches are far safer than those lit by radium lume, partly because the beta radiation - the main emission from tritium - emitted can barely pass through either the watch back or even the crystal, and partly because the short half-life of tritium (just over 12 years) means that an older tritium-lumed watch will have lost a significant amount of its radiation, unless it has been re-lumed at some stage. There is a misconception about tritium-lume concerning the nature of its use - tritium is an isotope of the gas element, hydrogen, and tritium tube technology takes advantage of that fact to enclose tritium in tiny glass tubes that have a phosphor applied to the inner surfaces. This form of lume is effective until the half-life of the gas starts to reduce the luminosity. It is sometimes stated that tritium lume always requires to be used in gas form, but in fact, many watches have a tritium/phosphor mix actually painted or applied to the watch dial in the manner of radium lume. My most important piece of advice concerning any watch that contains a lume activated by a radioactive substance or a lume of unknown composition is that (unless properly equipped to carry out such work), the collector should avoid opening the watch, most especially when that reveals the dial to the elements, and never tamper with the lume itself. It may seem over-zealous, but removing old lume and cleaning old dials when the watch has been lumed using a radioactive phosphor is, in my opinion, a professional business.  
    • Pretty much every pilot I've ever met (all military) wore a watch - nearly always a chronograph. Breitling Aerospace are very popular although I do see a few cheapskates wearing the issued Pulsar PJN299X1 .
    • Yay! If it's number 15/21 it used to be mine ;)
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