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      All brands of watches made before 1980; British & American watches are especially welcome. Sponsored by : birthyearwatches.com

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      Forum about military style watches.

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      Forum dedicated to start up watch companies such as the ones that use Kickstarter, Indiegogo or a different crowd funding site.

      All topics require validation before they are displayed. 

      Please note this is not for free advertising but a place to discuss new and interesting products.

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      Watchmaking, watch repairs, servicing, modifications and other hints and tips.

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      Antique, vintage & modern clocks and pocket watches

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      A topic per brand for you to add your examples to. If you can't find a brand, please start a new topic - the title of new topics should begin with the brand name.

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      Here you will find forums of specific watch brands where manufacturers will be able to showcase new watches, ideas and answer general questions about their watches.

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      Advice and reviews for straps, bracelets and other watch furniture.

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      Post your photographs and discussions on photographing watches and photography in general.

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    1. Watch & Clock Related Items Only   (64,112 visits to this link)

      Watch & Clock related sales only. No dealers, fakes or replicas.
      Access only available to members who regularly contribute
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    • I am sure these staff can identify a genuine buyer from a time waster and I bet it has nothing to do with clothes 
    • Well done guys, message me your details and I'll get these posted out to you. Sorry DaveyP, I know, I know, it was the worst competition ever! 
    • I love this one  So nice, this dial and handsets are model of "purity". Grand Class!!! Well done ;)
    • Christopher Ward has a very nice moonphase watch I am not sure if its still for sale because it was in their last sale at nearly half price.  Ignoring the horrible 2nd logo the actual watch in my opinion is the nicest out there for the money especially at the time I think around £650 in the sale.   Other than that the Frederique Constant moonphase in the 1k - 2k budget as it can be found at a discount is the best in that price bracket.  Having seen it first hand the build, fit and finish far exceed its price plus an in house movement. Anything over that I think for a moonphase its Christiaan Van Der Klaauw or nothing.  JLC seems too dainty and I have read a few reviews saying such that it feels a little delicate plus CVDC actually specialize in these type of watches you really cant get better than that.
    • Never had a problem walking into a high end (whatever that is) jewelers regardless of if I am wearing a suit or jeans and t shirt.  That being said I have been in shops trying on Rolex and the guy sitting next to me buying a Rolex has been wearing shorts and t shirt (and yes, that's in a large UK city) In fact the only time I can recall staff behaving wrongly wasn't directed at me but at some foreign customers who they seemed to be whispering about and sharing a joke at their expense.  Joke didn't work out too good for them as it didn't impress me and I walked out with my money and pleased to say I didn't see those customers buying either so well done for losing several grand of profit for behaving like first class tools. I have met people with AP watches who don't even know how to pronounce the name, people rolling in cash who dress like Sunday school teachers I doubt most staff in shops could really care less how you dress they are more interested in the profit though it is nice sometimes when you come across a fellow enthusiast and end up chatting for some time over watches. I can understand someone being concerned about a customer walking in with a bag.  When I went to try on a couple of Patek at a dealers the staff were great, showed me a few watches in fact some of the higher end ones much more than the one I was interested in, tried them on had a nice chat, offered a coffee.  I think people read into things too much these days.
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