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    • BWD: Whose Watch is it Anyway?
      good right up Honour, but just goes to show that money cant buy good taste  i certainly wouldn't feel sorry for Rolex.. in my opinion they are one of the biggest rip offs in retail... [ just like Apple] but i stress again...JUST MY OPINION calm down ..calm down !  i certainly dont accept they are good value for money, they are after all just watches, they dont dont do anything other watches cant do, i have heard all the arguments about retaining their value etc RE: "in my opinion they are one of the biggest rip offs in retail" and it means not a thing to me  for me there are 2 types of rolex buyers [maybe 3 with Bamford nonsense] 1st is the people that genuinely like well made beautiful watches...which they are, then there the &*&**^oles that buy them to look good and boast  Bamford though..........hats off to them, they have found a niche market with mugs willing to pay through the nose for watches that have already cost them a fortune, some of which now look like childrens toys   
    • Incoming - Cartier Tank Solo XL
      Very classy indeed enjoy your new purchase it looks fantastic 
    • BWD: Whose Watch is it Anyway?
      I am sure that the Rolex company doesn't need my sympathy, but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for Rolex when they take great pains to design and manufacture fine quality watches (that are actually priced lower than one might think given the cultural connotations of the name), only to find their products being messed about with by customizing companies. Indeed, Rolex seems to be the brand that is most frequently victimized in this way, and among the Rolex customizers, the name of Bamford Watch Department has achieved some status in the field. Bamford Watch Department (BWD) was started just over a decade ago and is housed in a five-storey townhouse in Mayfair, behind the Dorchester Hotel. The firm specializes in the production of customized limited edition and one-off personalized watches that are executed by using original brand new watches from a number of quality watch companies. The eponymous head of BWD is George Bamford, a fashionably, yet discreetly, dressed bespectacled gentleman who has a passion for cars as well as for watches and whose father is Lord Anthony Bamford, chairman of the world-class excavator and heavy machinery company JCB. Bamford Senior is, like his son, avidly interested in classic cars and motor racing, and indirectly has lent his son certain elements of engineering from his company for use in watch finishing, most notably metal-finishing and coating technology. It is then ironic that George Bamford's favourite choice of colour for both cars and watches is black since his most well-known products are the black-coated Rolex examples whose Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) finish was a technique transferred from the JCB engineering department. Further advances have been made at BWD with regard to metal-coating, and the watches are now finished in Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) which has been given a lifetime guarantee by BWD as opposed to thye watches themselves which are guaranteed for two years. Most recently, George Bamford has introduced Graphite Particle Coating (GPC) on his Rolex Commander watches, an incredibly rugged coating, available in Desert, Combat and Forest hues. The BWD is more than a mere concern devoted to providing customers with newly coated steel Rolex watches, and not only does BWD also customize other brands of watch, including Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer and Audemars Piguet, but also extends it customization portfolio to include novel straps and hands as well as military stencil faces with high-illumination sandwich dials. Among their novelties are colourful Snoopy, Popeye, and Beetle Bailey watches. For me personally, there will always be a question mark over the idea of customizing a watch from another brand, especially when novelty actually takes over the whole basis of that watch's design and debases the original. In the case of Rolex and TAG Heuer one can see the attraction the watches have to would-be and current customizers. The problem is that Rolex and TAG heuer are both luxury brands and mass-producers of watches, meaning that there is an exploitable gap in terms of price and availability, whereby customizers can "add value" to the product and serve up the results to customers without pricing the watches out of existence. For me, this would grate if I were a manager or even a craftsman at Rolex or TAG Heuer, and in the case of Bamford products, I would only be able to justify the process on the grounds that the concern is clearly providing innovations in the area of watch coatings and their durability. Group of Bamford customized Rolex watches (pic from   When George Bamford himself is drawn into justifying his watch "department", he skates over the inherent contradiction involved in the whole idea of customising watches, and in doing so, he raises the very important philosophical question that I ask in my topic title - "Whose Watch is it Anyway?" In a recent interview with Ariel Adams in A Blog to Watch, George Bamford states that, "There have been misconceptions about what we provide as a business. Some enquiries have been made about requests for BWD to customize watches already owned by the customers. We have never done this, as we are more than just a service provider. We are a business which has created the BWD brand and are seen as providers of luxury customized watches and not a service provider for customization." As far as I am concerned, this statement reveals a narrow red line over which Bamford Watch Department has stepped, creating a high-end brand on the back of true watchmaking firms that have genuine heritage in their own right. When Bamford stamps their name on the dial of one of their customized watches, I wonder if they morally have the right to do so, even though it is apparently perfectly acceptable legally. Indeed, Bamford rather skates over the question of whether Rolex approves of what he is doing in his interview with Ariel Adams, and I am pretty certain that a those companies who provide the base watches for Bamford customization  do not foster this personalization process. It could be said that at least George Bamford calls his firm the Bamford Watch Department rather than the Bamford Watch Company, though to be honest, this terminology only occurs because originally the watches emerged as one part of the Bamford & Sons clothing business, and George Bamford actually refers to his business as a luxury watch personalization company. When it comes to his claim that Bamford is a watch "brand" rather than a customization service provider, this difference is in reality only marginal since Bamford himself says (Octane Magazine, Feb 2016) that one of his business mantras is "If you can imagine it, we can create it", thus removing some of the design restrictions and characteristics that a genuine brand imposes on its watches. I suppose that putting his name on the dial does at least mean that Bamford puts his money where his mouth is and doesn't try and hide away from his work or his responsibility to his customers. However, I am not convinced, just as I am not really convinced by Bamford's explanation as to why he started down the route of customizing quality watches. He gives the story in both the Octane Magazine interview and the interview with Ariel Adams, and in Octane, the story is as follows: "Look, this all started when I was given a rare vintage steel, black-dial Rolex Daytona Zenith-movement Rolex by my parents some years ago. I thought it was the absolute pinnacle of watches but I then turned up at a dinner party with a number of really cool people and they were all wearing exactly the same watch!". Hmmm, what are the chances of that? So, finally, who are the people who look to Bamford Watch Department for their timekeeping wristwear? Well, according to George Bamford, "They appreciate individual style and are curious to explore customisation to reflect their own personalities. They want to be one of one, not one of 100 - they don't want the ordinary". They also have to be willing to pay a pretty hefty price over and above what was already a fine watch in order to have their fling. This might be ultimately acceptable since I suppose that the ultimate "owner" of a watch is the end-purchaser, but for me, there is a shudder of horror when I see a well-designed and well-made wristwatch butchered in the name of personalization. I know this may sound snobbish but I can't help but feel a sort of cultural duty to the genuine creators and manufacturers of fine watches, although in the scheme of things, there will probably always be sufficient examples of "untouched" watches to ensure that watch history gives proper respect to original manufacturers and producers who have moved style, fashion, and watch movement technology onwards in the greater scheme of things.   Bamford Rolex Deep Sea Brutus X DR X customized wristwatch (pic from
    • Saturday watches 06.02.2016
      Time for a couple of classics... OMEGA, Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels. & ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060 cal. 3000 27 jewels, 1997  
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